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Acknowledge Where You've Set Foot In The U.S. Or The World!

Welcome to the world of FootWhere® - a line of authentic destination souvenirs that acknowledges where you actually set foot anywhere in the world. Captured inside the foot cavity of each embodiment is the genuine soil or sand from the featured location. FootWhere-USA, Inc., a metro Atlanta based firm, is the exclusive manufacturer and principal wholesaler of this unique product line that provides custom and stock FootWhere® souvenirs to gift shops, beach stores and tourist attractions across the U.S. and internationally. We extend you an invitation to visit our wholesale store if you are a retail merchant seeking to offer your customers an uncommon keepsake or if you're an individual searching for that special memento that commemorates that visit to a special destination in your travels worthy of genuine acknowledgment. Please review our store directory or call 770-469-7229 to inquire about your city or developing a program featuring a special location or landmark.

​FootWhereUSA Group, Inc. represents it is the exclusive manufacturer, owner and grantee of the worldwide rights, title and interest in and to FootWhere® in the United States of America and the world in its entirety. Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. We value our trademark as our greatest asset and place heavy emphasis in protecting its integrity and promoting its awareness in all aspects of our sales and marketing efforts. Because of the unique concepts and features of our product line we are firmly committed to the maintaining a brand that is synonymous with authenticity of its product in both domestic and international markets.

Contained inside Each foot cavity is genuine​ soil of Your featured location

FootWhere® Postcards

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FootWhere-USA Group offers an assortment of souvenir merchandise representing every state and city in the USA, the Caribbean Islands, Canada and other destinations throughout the world to distributors, retailers and the This universal product line can be customized to personify theme parks, resorts, monuments, landmarks, major spectator events, schools, festivals or any tourist attraction of special interest. ​FootWhere® products are manufactured exclusively in the USA unlike most souvenirs sold in the United States that are imported from mainland China. The authenticity of our product line is further reinforced and provides a source of pride for being labeled Made in USA.



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